10 Strategies for The First year Pro Music performer

Ten strategies for the First year Professional Musician from the seasoned professional (ALSO KNOWN AS ‘Grumpy Aged S**’).

1) In no way trust the actual provision associated with food. Never get to a gig sensation hungry. Better in order to let your own band people think that you’re being generous whenever you say “No, honestly – you’ve the final beef meal… ” the truth that you couldn’t ingest an additional crumb since you are full of Chinese takeaway is actually irrelevant. Additionally, when overseas, travel along with emergency muesli pubs. The types called ‘Nine Bars’ tend to be OK and don’t taste just as much like footwear leather since the other ones often.

2) Prior to traveling overseas, upload tests of passports, driving licence along with other photo ID to some secure webserver. Dropbox is okay – or even Apple’s cellular me iDisk. Also shop card amounts (such as the 3 number security signal) to be able to pay with regard to stuff even if you don’t have the actual card along with you. Or make use of a mnemonic to consider all this particular info. Likewise incorporate useful telephone numbers like the amount to call in case your card is actually stolen, travel cover claim amounts etc. Actually RAC break down numbers and so on. If you’re unfortunate enough to get rid of all your own luggage because of RyanAir, print this particular doc out also it will save lots of time as well as stress. Also place this information on your cell phone. There are lots of secure container ‘apps’ available. I make use of one known as ‘safenote’.

3) Usually add half just as much again for your estimated trip time. Create a habit of the. Reliability is an infinitely more desirable high quality than beast chops and so on. Band-leading is very stressful as well as bandleaders is going to do anything to lower the strain of everything – including booking dependable sidemen! Appear early — always.

four) Guitarists/Bass Gamers: Don’t fiddle together with your amp settings throughout the gig. Arranged your seem then perform. Your hearing gets accustomed to the seem, the audience’s hearing gets accustomed to the seem, the sound-man’s ears get accustomed to the seem. Amp-fiddlers really are a sure sign of the amateur, and you need to appear to become a pro! Exactly the same applies in order to PA seem men — a soundcheck is really a sound examine. There is actually nothing worse than the usual sound-man that constantly ‘rides the actual faders’. Arranged it — leave this! Any final tweaks ought to be completed inside the first tune.

5) Should you get offered a much better gig, only telephone the bandleader in order to ask to become excused for those who have a high quality dep upon standby. Discover who the actual acceptable deps tend to be and keep a listing handy. If a person stress the actual bandleader he’ll drop you the moment he may. If the actual bandleader will not let a person go, you have to honour the actual gig.

6) Don’t have casual ‘relationships’ along with band-members. It’ll all result in tears.

7) Lodging. For far-flung gigs book an inexpensive travellodge once you can. Occasionally, if a person book several weeks ahead, you will get a room for any tenner. Faltering that, convert your own transit van right into a camper. I’ve saved a lot of money this method. I possess cooker, microwave as well as fridge operating off leisure time batteries. It’s saved my entire life when the actual gig contract hasn’t included meals.

8) Do not trust sat-nav postcodes. Always confirm the precise location through looking online or google-earth. Sometimes the postcode on the website could be for the venue’s management office, not really the location itself. Do not get caught away.

9) Make use of a posh highlight at wedding ceremonies, a Geordie 1 for cafes and night clubs.

10) Perform the gig. Unless it’s your title in large fat letters about the posters, don’t attempt proving towards the world such a genius you’re. Understand your work and get it done. Know all of the styles through Acker Bilk in order to Anastasia as well as from Zappa in order to Zeppelin. Absolutely no bebop notes in Mustang Sally make sure you! (Basically had my personal way, there will be no Mustang Sally! )#)

11) End up being generous. Appear, I’m providing you with 11 ideas – not only the guaranteed ten! Better in order to play an additional ten min’s than to prevent dead upon midnight just for the b*****ds to test suing a person for break of contract a couple weeks later. It’s happened to some band I is at. The customers were youthful solicitors as well as thought they’d have a few ‘fun’ around. The event nearly bankrupted an effective agency. You’ve been cautioned.

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